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The bride’s radiant smile; the twinkling in the eye of the groom - the biggest day of your life lives on, not just in your memories but also in pictures. 


Aesthetics are so important at a wedding; the outfits, the venue, the decorations and the food are all hand-picked by the couple to say something in their very own language. I’ll capture the unique nature of your big day in pictures to last a lifetime.

So you're ready to take the next step with your partner…. you’ve planned and prepared with all your heart, sometimes for months on end and suddenly it’s upon you; your wedding day. Capturing the spirit of this memorable day and all its glory in beautiful pictures is important to you - your love, your trust, the atmosphere, not forgetting the smaller moments, emotions, glances - these are all priceless memories.


If this sounds like you, then have a look and if you like what you see, drop me a line.


Why do I do this?


I’m Antonia, the photographer behind Momentonia. I’m into nature, the beauty of light, observing people, melancholic moments and music. Oh, and the sound of the wind on the sea, if I get the chance. 


As a wedding photographer, I like to be seen more as a friend or a guest than a service provider. Being amongst the guests allows me to be spontaneous, go with the flow of the day and capture the atmosphere, moments and memories as they happen. Each couple and each wedding is completely personal and utterly unique. I jump for joy when I’m asked to photograph a wedding in an unusual or special venue, like an old mill, an historic castle or abbey, on the beach or tucked away in a vineyard…. did I mention I like to travel?  Wherever in Germany or across Europe you’re getting married, if there’s chemistry between us, I’ll travel far and wide to join you!


Observing with discretion, creating a cosy and comfortable atmosphere and a feeling of empathy, aesthetic and emotion are all things that are important to me in boudoir photography. I focus on the woman, her personality and the light to create beautiful imagery.  I always work with natural light and play with light and shade to create the desired effect. Women I’ve photographed tell me I have a calm and relaxed nature; after an informal chat about what they like about themselves, any inhibitions they might have had before disappeared into thin air. The end result is a collection of beautiful and intimate images, either just for you or perhaps for a partner. Some clients opt for a bridal boudoir session in their wedding lingerie or accessories, as a gift for the groom on their big day.


Together we’ll choose a suitable place for a shoot. If you like, this could even be outside (in a secluded and private location), or perhaps at your home, in a hotel or my small boudoir studio. After a chat over a cup of coffee, together we’ll find the perfect location.



French boudoir - the perfect female retreat, created through trust, empathy and mood-lighting.  Your perfect location might be outdoors, at home, in a hotel or even in your own personal boudoir. We don’t need much to create stunning images, which have soul, character, intimacy and beauty.



I look forward to hearing from you and am happy to answer any questions you have or talk through your ideas. Tell me a bit about yourself, your engagement or wedding plans or maybe your idea for cheeky surprise your your partner. I’m all ears… 


If you’d prefer to have a chat over the phone, you can reach me on +49 (0)176 921 657 51


Because “I do” is more than just a moment.

Your Wedding


Capturing you, your love and togetherness, your feelings, your favourite people around you on your wedding day and all those big and small moments, is what I love to do. I’ll be quiet and discrete and document your day in natural pictures to keep forever. Whether it’s with nature as a backdrop or an inside venue, I’ll work with you and the light to create beautiful pictures of you as a couple.


If you’d like to be able to keep, pick up and look again at the memories of your day, you may like to choose to have a wedding book. These are made from beautiful quality paper and can be created on request.

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